About Us

The All-India Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (AMMA-India) was established in the year 2010 on January 17 at the behest of Department of Agriculture and Cooperation (Mechanization and Technology Division), Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation, Govt. Of India represents the machinery manufacturers of agriculture and allied sectors.
The main objectives of association are

  1. Augmenting and intensifying agricultural mechanization related activities in different agro-climatic zones.
  2. Promoting scientific development and technological up-gradation of need based agricultural machines and power sources.
  3. Providing technological coordination, management and advisory back-up to the members of AMMA-India.
  4. Providing effective liaison with Government organizations, NGOs and agencies sponsoring national and international fairs/meets and to establish institutional relations for implementation of appropriate policies and initiatives to promote growth of agricultural mechanization.

Mission Statement of AMMA-India

‘AMMA-India’ is committed to growth of Indian Agricultural Machinery Industry in such a way that it is able to assist the farmers in achieving sustainability and profitability through appropriate farm mechanization.